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“FRYMANN TEACHING ASSOCIATION” is an Association of Social Promotion that aims at spreading the knowledge of traditional osteopathy based on the teachings and the example of Dr. Viola Frymann.

We had been fascinated by this subject since we first met Dr. Frymann in Italy in 2009; later, we had the opportunity to attend the Osteopathic Center for Children in San Diego, from 2011 to 2016. This training and internship period saw the birth of an intense relationship with Dr.Frymann. She invited us to offer in Italy too a professional and training activity that was true to her approach.

Thanks to her help, and under her direct supervision, we organized training and promotion activities in traditional osteopathy, in particular in the paediatric field. “Frymann Teaching Association” organizes training courses, conventions and conferences that aim at disseminating these teachings. The supporting activities include intense bibliographic research, translations and the promotion of publications to enrich the contents of the training available.

The activities are promoted by a team of operators that had personally met Dr. Viola Frymann: for them, she represents a professional and life example.

The goal of “Frymann Teaching Association” is to ease the access to treatment pathways, integrated by osteopathic support, for patients in particularly fragile conditions, such as children with chronic conditions. To this purpose, we have started collaborations that support specific associations in this sector.

Promoting traditional osteopathy and the teachings and life example of Dr. Viola Frymann means promoting “Health” intended as a physical, moral and spiritual need of human beings.

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