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Born in Desenzano del Garda (BS) – Italy on 14th October, 1979


M.D., Master Degree in Paediatric Rehabilitation

Diploma in Osteopathy with specific training in paediatric osteopathy

Member of the Order of Medicine Doctors of Brescia Province (Reg. N° 7650)

Member of the “American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy” (Founding Membership)


1998   Scientific High School diploma    “E. Fermi” High School, Salò, Brescia District – Italy

2004   Bachelor of Science Degree in Medicine, Brescia University Medicine School

Final dissertation on: “Osteo-myofascial afferences and cardiovascular systems. Possible role in the cardiovascular response to osteopathic manipulation

2006   Diploma in Osteopathy.  CERDO Osteopathic School, Rome – Italy

Final dissertation on: “Cardiovascular and neurovegetative effects of the compression technique of the fourth ventricle. Assesment of heart rate variability by means of the monitoring technique” (Study made in collaboration with the Department of Physiology of Brescia University)

2010 – 2015 Training path in Paedriatic Traditional Osteopathy a the “Osteopathic Center for Children” in San Diego (California) followed under the supervision of Dr. Viola M. Frymann. Internship guided periods with Dr. Viola M. Frymann and attendane to training courses:


“Basic Cranial Course. Expanding the Osteopathic Concept into the Cranial Field”.

“Osteopathic Treatment to prepare the Child for a Healthy Future”

“Cerebral Concussion on Adults and Newborn”

2012- 2015  Training path in Traditional Osteopathy at the CEO (Collège d’ Etudes Ostéopathiques) School in Montreal (Canada)

2014 – 2015   First level University Master “Paedriatrc Rehabilitation and Research Methodology” at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Final dissertation on: “Taking charge of infants at risk of pathologic development in Desenzano del Garda Hospital. An introduction to the service ( 2011-2014 period) and a suggestion for clinical study

2017 Training course  “New guidelines in the diagnose and rehabilitation of the child with Celebral Palsy” at Mariani Foundation”.


Professional Experience

 2005 – 2008   In-hospital urgent care ward physician at Brescia’s San Camillo Clinic for family doctor replacement.

2005 – 2018 Freelance activity as physician and osteopath.

2013- 2018    Collaboration with the Mother and Child department at Desenzano del Garda Hospital, supporting the “Neuroevolution follow up and Paediatric Osteopathy” clinic dedicated to the early intervention for the promotion of the development in premature and high-risk newborns.

Teaching Activities

2013 – 2018 Lecturer and teacher in training conferences and meetings in Paediatric Traditional Osteopathy  applying the teachings of Dr. Viola M. Frymann.

2016  Teacher at the Paediatric Visceral Osteopathy Seminar of the Master in Paediatric Osteopathy, “Escuela Universitaria de Osteopatia”, Medical School, Murcia University (Spain).

2016-2018   Collaboration with the CIO School in Parma, Italy for the Paediatry course



Presentation of scientifica papers in national and international conferences:


National Conference of the Italian Society of Pediatrics, Rome 3- 5 October 2012

–          The role of osteopathy in newborns afflicted with plagiocephaly. An experience at the Paediatric ward in Desenzano del Garda Hospital

–          Enabling care and osteopathic treatment: an early approach to enhance the potential of high-risk newborns. An experience at the Paediatric ward in Desenzano del Garda Hospital. 

–         De novo interstitial deletion of the long arm of chromosome 2. Reporting a child afflicted by Del (2) (q31q31)

4th International Cerebral Palsy Conference, PISA,  Italy 10-13 October 2012

–          Parental Care and osteopathic treatment. An early approach to exploit the potential

5th Scientific Symposium Early Intervention in developmental care. Brescia. 1-2 October 2015

–          Contributions of osteopathic treatment for the newborn: a program of early intervention in Desenzano del Garda Hospital

XII Conference. Creche nursing problems in a 3rd level birth-point. S.I.N., Brescia 15 December 2015

–          From structure to function: plagiocephaly and related disorders in the first months of life

4th International Conference of Osteopathic Medicine. Pescara – Italy, 20-22 May 2016

–          Contributions of osteopathic treatment for the newborn: a program of early intervention in Desenzano del Garda Hospital

Conference: “Osteopathy in Hospital. Clinic Experience and Scientific Research”. Meyer Hospital, Florence  9-11 June 2016

–          The contribution of osteopathy in the newborn: presentation of the early intervention programme at the  Desenzano del Garda Hospital.

S.I.N. (Italian Society of Neonatology) 23rd National Conference). Milan, 26-28 September 2017

–         The potential of paediatric osteopathy in hospital service. Revising 7 years’ experience in Desenzano del Garda

International Congress. Focus on cerebrospinal fluid. From basic to clinical research. Brescia, 6 October 2017

–          From structure to function. Clinical experience about 230 babies with plagiocephaly followed with osteopathy at Desenzano del Garda Hospital

SIPO-SIMGePed  2017 Joint national conference. Paediatrics changes to keep up with the times. Pavia – Italy 17-18 November 2017

–          The potential of paediatric osteopathy in hospital service. Revising 7 years’ experience at the Desenzano del Garda Hospital

XXIII Norman Neonatology and Paediatric Days  IX National Conference. Caserta, 16-17 February 2018

–        Early intervention and osteopathy for the high-risk newborns. Experience at the Desenzano del Garda (Bs) Hospital

7th International Conference on Clinical Neonatology. Turin, Italy 23-26 May 2018 

–          Positional Plagiocephaly: an integrated early approach based on osteopathy and parental involvement. Experience about 234 babies with plagiocephaly followed in Desenzano del Garda Hospital (Italy)

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